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About Us

Welcome to the website of the Cyprus Society of Hematology

On this occasion we would like to make a very brief overview of the history of hematology in Cyprus and our Company.

The specialty of Hematology differed from that of Pathology and began to create the first independent Hematology clinics in Greece and Cyprus area, only in the 1980s.

The first physicians specializing in Hematology in our country worked initially on clinical or pathological and Hematology Laboratories and Blood Donations without a post on them, and some of them exercising their profession in the private sector. Early Clinical Hematology organized in 1995 Makarios Hospital in Nicosia and Limassol General Hospital. Clinical Makarios Hospitals since 2008 works in New Nicosia General Hospital. Today there are clinics in the private sector and the Oncology Center of Bank of Cyprus.

The definition of rare diseases states such as diseases that occur in the general population at a frequency of less than 1: 2000.Synepos almost all hematological diseases qualify as rare. The same is rare and doctors to the specialty of Hematology. In Cyprus work 15 hematologists on all 2,500 registered doctors in the REAR, representing 0.6% of total ..

That is why for several years was completed sufficient number of doctors recommendation Society of Hematology.

The decision to establish Hematology Society was in a meeting held under scientific event in Hotel 'Le Meridien' in Limassol 2 Fevrouariou2008 After lengthy preparation, the Constituent Assembly held on 19 December 2008 and a body.

The first board consisted of 2008-2010:

Chairman: Frederici Melanthiou

Vice President: Sotiris Koumas

Secretary: Evdokia Pangalou

Treasurer: Niki Vyridou

Members: Agathocles Agathokleous

Marios Antoniades

Nicandros Papaminas

With a lot of personal work from the 'caryatids' NAV, doctors Melanthiou, Pangalos and Vyridou spent the clashing of bureaucracy and managed to register as a club at the State Department on 27 May 2009.

The JSA has dealt with all legal, procedural, administrative, resulting issues related to our specialty but also by organizing various scientific events.

Spent two productive years under the statute proceeded to the election of the current Board that a body on December 19, 2010.

Our company began counting 25 members who later became 26.Simera are less by one. On 20 March 2011 he lost his battle for life the One colleague, and member of the first board of OEM Nikandros Papaminas

On April 9, as part of our educational activities and communication with our other specialties, held in Siakoleio Nursing School workshop on'' Anemia from diagnosis to treatment'' in collaboration with two companies of General Medicine. This conference was dedicated in memory of Law Papamina and a major success.

During the same period and launched the website of OEM.

Here is a brief history of 2.5 years OEM. Our child we expect our love to grow in number of members, to mature through experience and the fruits to nourish their current but also future generations of haematologists in Cyprus.

About Us




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